The Honest Hour



(2004)  An album recorded live and with an ear and mind toward song craft β€” Genauer seamlessly melds the two and uniquely bridges that gap once and for all. The disc's nine songs are a mix of new AOD songs and re-imagined versions of songs Genauer wrote for his former band, Strangefolk. Culled from a show in Troy, NY in early 2004, The Honest Hour, the band's spirited sophomore disc, boasts both the open-sky breeziness and energy of a live show, but also the pristine production of a studio album. The songs on The Honest Hour are genuine, timeless, and substantive: a testament to critics who early on dubbed Genauer β€œone of the most vital voices, singers, storytellers and songwriters of today's live music scene.”

01. Man With A Plan 05:36
  02. Harrower 06:53
03. Honest Hour 04:48
  04. Roads 06:21
  05. Paul Henry 04:06
  06. Speculator 11:11
  07. Honey Creeper 08:17
  08. Bus Driver 04:16
09. Fountain 06:47


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