The Assembly of Dust



(2003)  A solo album by Reid Genauer entitled The Assembly of Dust. The band was originally billed under Reid's name and then as “Reid Genauer and The Assembly of Dust” after the release of this record. The line-up featured what was at the time a veritable who's who of the New England jam scene, friends whose paths had crossed countless times and had shared the stage on numerous occasions — keyboardist Nate Wilson and bassist John Leccese of Percy Hill, guitarist Adam Terrell of Groove Child, and drummer Andy Herrick of Moon Boot Lover — they would of course become Assembly of Dust.

  01. Of Mortals 00:06
02. Burned Down 03:50
03. Filter 04:35
  04. Songs We Sing 04:03
  05. Drawn 04:07
  06. Tavern Walker 04:25
07. Forty Five Degrees 04:08
08. Etta James 04:44
  09. Sideways Train 05:38
  10. Shame 02:48
  11. Love Junkie 05:51
  12. Bow 04:21
  13. Serenade Serene 02:11


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